Get the Basics

Age Groups

  • 0-2 :: Baby Little Miss Arkansas
  • 3-5 :: Tiny Little Miss Arkansas
  • 6-9 :: Petite Little Miss Arkansas
  • 10-12 :: Pre-Teen Little Miss Arkansas
  • 13-17 :: Teen Little Miss Arkansas
  • A Beauty Winner and two alternates in each age group
  • A “Most Photogenic” in each age group
  • “Best Pageant Dress” in each age group
  • “Best Casual Wear” in each age group
  • “Talent” will have an overall winner and three alternates (talent contest judged by separate panel of judges)

Little Miss Arkansas winners will receive:

  • Round crowns, banners, flowers, engraved silver trays, scepters, rhinestone pins, savings bonds and velvet robes for pictures and crowning.

Little Miss Arkansas talent winner will receive:

  • Flowers, banner, engraved silver tray, rhinestone pin and savings bond.


  • Each contestant will compete in casual wear and pageant wear.
  • Photogenic is optional.
  • Talent is optional.

What is Expected (judging criteria)

The Little Miss Arkansas Pageant is looking for a naturally pretty girl with poise and personality who looks her age.  No experience is necessary.  Our Pageant is uplifting and fun.  We are there to help you enjoy every minute of your pageant experience, creating memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.  Just bring your enthusiasm and enjoy a fun filled day that you will never forget.


The Little Miss Arkansas pageant is held in beautiful Hot Springs, AR at the Hotel Hot Springs at 305 Malvern Avenue.