Frequently Asked Questions

Should my daughter wear a long or short dress?
We believe a mother knows better than anyone what looks best on her child. Long or short is acceptable. If you feel your daughter has cute, adorable, little legs, then we would go with short. If she is in the “between stage,” a long dress might look better. Babies usually are best in short, and Teens normally wear long or tea length. Just make sure the dress is age appropriate.

What is considered casual wear?
Our LMA’s make a lot of appearances throughout the year and very seldom do they wear their pageant dresses. They wear cute, attractive, comfortable clothes to make appearances in. This is what we want our judges to see.  (Other than babies no swimsuits please)

Does my child need to wear makeup?
I would suggest a little make up to enhance the child’s features. Sometimes they will fade out under the lighting.  A little make up helps to highlight the face. But remember we are looking for a child who looks their age.

Does my child have to compete in the “Talent” portion of the competition?
No, Talent is judged by a different set of judges. You may enter talent and not entry beauty. One has no bearing on the other. If you enter both, you could win both.

Do I have to win a Prelim to enter?
No.  The LMA pageant is open to any Arkansas girl between the ages of 0-17. The advantage of winning a prelim is you have that title for the year and your LMA state entry fee is paid!

How many prelims do you have a year?
Right now we have four.  They are all open to any Arkansas girl between the ages 0-17.

May I change age groups?
You can move up an age group, but not back.

If I win a prelim and have a birthday before the State pageant, what age group will I be in?
Whatever age you are the day of the state pageant determines the age group you will compete in.

What size photo and do you prefer black and white or color?
The photo can be any size up to an 11×14. It can be black and white or color.

How many pictures can I enter in photogenic?
Each photo requires an entry fee.

Do you prefer glamour shots?
We want the picture to look like the child and be age appropriate.

Are there interviews?
Not “one on one” interviews. The interview consists of, once you make the top ten, you will introduce yourself at finals.

What is the stage set up?
The stage is a T with a runway.

May I walk with my child on stage?
If your child is too young to go by herself, yes, you or dad may walk with them.

Is this pageant pro am modeling?
No, this is a beauty pageant.

If you have a question not answered above.  Please e-mail us with your questions and we will be happy to try and answer them for you.